Wyoming’s Red Desert

Click the Photo to see a short movie about the Red Desert

Click the Photo to see a short movie about the Red Desert

Hi All,

Some of you may know that I’ve spent the last nine months, researching and photographing Wyoming’s Red Desert, a 6 million acre high, cold desert, that for all appearances transports the steppes of Mongolia into America’s West. This little known desert has been called the “Serengeti” of North America, with more than 50,000 desert pronghorn antelope roaming across seas of sagebrush and the United States’ largest active sand dune system.

But this specialized ecosystem is filling up as the new oil and gas boom sweeps across the West. A network of roadways and drill sites already crisscross the land, and more is expected as the BLM continues to offer new leases to the petroleum companies who seek them.

I figure now is as good a time as any to get some of this info off of the notepads and out to all of you. Over the coming months I will be bringing you updates from the field, as well as notes from my archives, photos, slideshows and other news about the Red Desert. I hope you enjoy learning about this rare and endangered place. It is my pleasure to bring you these notes from the Big Empty.

Morgan E. Heim

P.S. – The aerial photography in this piece was made possible by the gracious help of LightHawk.


5 responses to “Wyoming’s Red Desert

  • Linda

    Morgan – love the video! Nicely done. Powerful without banging you over the head with the obvious! Let the images speak in tandem with solid research – it’s a compelling combination.

  • Jennifer

    Morgan – your photographs took my breath away and I was moved. Thank you for doing your work and letting us know about your discoveries; the music underscored the emotion behind it all. Great job.

  • Val

    This is so great – I love the little prarie dog and the wildflower collage. I’m going to make you take me with you sometime!

    My only suggestion might be to leave the text up just a second longer for slowpoke readers like myself 🙂

  • fish

    very cool, Morgan! wonderful photos – and nice music, too!

  • dotalpine

    Nice photos!

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