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Red Desert Caravan on Labor Day Weekend

Honeycomb Buttes After a Storm, Wyoming's Red Desert (Photo/Morgan Heim)

Who says you need to go to Africa to go on Safari?

Got this announcement today for a fun adventure in the Red Desert. I’ve been many times to all of these places and they are well worth the trip! I’ve got below a little preview of the sites and a description.

Note from Erik Molvar, Biodiversity Conservation Alliance.

BCA will be leading our 3-day Red Desert Caravan outing a free public outing over Labor Day weekend, September 3rd through 5th, visiting the units of a potential Red Desert National Conservation Area.

This three-day auto safari will take in Adobe Town, the Kinney Rim, and Jack Morrow Hills highlights such as the Boar’s Tusk, Killpecker Dune Fields, and Honeycomb Buttes.Auto tour with car camping and light day hikes.

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Participants can also choose to participate in an optional photography workshop on the trip.

Regional Photographer Dan Hayward will attend this Red Desert excursion and is putting together one of his outdoor photography workshops to coincide with the BCA trip.  Workshop participants will be part of the BCA group during the excursion but will spend a substantial part of each morning and evening, and each mid-day as time permits, photographing as a group and out on their own.   Things will be somewhat structured yet quite flexible!

The photography workshop includes one or two photography lecture/discussions led by Dan before the Red Desert trip, and a group photo-review/critique session after the trip.  For more workshop details and prices, please contact Dan either through any of the e-mail links on his web site at <>  or by phone at 307  742-6307.

All participants must register with BCA (regardless of whether you participate in the photography workshop or not) and get a reserved spot on the tour. Contact Erik Molvar at (307) 742-7978, or via email, to sign up.

Space is limited, so sign up today!

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